Web and Ecommerce Development Company

Rouge is a digital web development agency that loves building code just as much as it loves designing sites, brands and logos. When developing Ecommerce site, we always use open source code that is standardised, validated and well commented, all of which makes the sites we build easy to upscale, move and to alter / understand.

If you need an eCommerce website, a content management system or any custom made database driven website, Rouge is the web development company that can help.

Different Code Types Used for Ecommerce Websites

We use either PHP & XHTML & CSS & XML & JavaScript & ActionScript & .NET & Lingo & Ajax as needed for the specifically required. Whatever we always use the most appropriate technology to achieve the desired objective, which is of course an ecommerce website that works, is easy to use and that allows you to make sales and profits.

Standardised XHTML used

All Rouges websites, whether standard or advanced Ecommerce sites are built using standardised XHTML and CSS. XHTML is the page mark-up language (derived many years ago from the print industry) that instructs your browser on how to display the content, that it is the text, images, forms etc. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are also used as a part of this instruction set.

All the developers at Rouge learned their craft hand-coding websites (long before programs like Adobe’s Dreamweaver, were developed) and thus are able to ensure that all the code is as beautiful and as effective as our visual design!

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