Why Aren’t You Using SMS Marketing?

Over the past ten years we’ve seen a revolution in the way we communicate with each other which has changed social, personal SMS word cloud conceptand business interaction in the same way that the invention of the wheel transformed transport. This all relates to the mobile phone. In the UK alone, there are now more mobile phones than people and as of December 2013 there were over 75,000,000 mobiles in the UK for the population of 61,612,300. The mobile phone is becoming so ubiquitous that its estimated that nearly 95% of the population has one. Of these people, almost half regularly access the internet from their smartphone or tablet and the number of SMS messages sent per person per month is just over 200. If you’re not using the power of SMS for your business, then you are in fact, missing out on a vital marketing opportunity. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should be including text messaging in your marketing strategy.

Number One:  Instantly Connect
We live in a fast-paced world these days, with many different demands on peoples time. We don’t always have the opportunity we’d like to sit and read marketing emails, especially if were out and about. SMS messaging reaches your customers instantly and allows them to act with the minimum of delay. There are also the advantages that text messages bring organisations themselves such as, given their brevity. These include less need for direct mail and the ability to inform customers of time-limited offers or the latest news from your company.





Number Two:  Responsiveness
SMS marketing is a relatively new phenomenon and is still in its infancy. Customers have not yet tired of it and there is still a curiosity value attached to receiving marketing texts and most people will in fact, check their text messages as soon as the alert goes off. With the correct wording and the right incentive, SMS marketing is estimated to be up to five times more effective than direct mail, saving you both time and money. If you haven’t considered  how SMS text messages could save your business money, now is the time to address this potentially game-changing way of doing business.

Number Three:  Personalisation
With the use of sophisticated software, your customers and clients details, held on your confidential databases, can be used to personalise the text messages. This enables you to filter through messages which are relevant to their shopping habits or buying preferences. It is also possible for you to send SMS online which makes it much more convenient to set up campaigns. Demographics can also be factored in to ensure precise targeting of the message you’re trying to get across. It’s possible to send each and every customer a happy birthday message, perhaps with a limited-time offer involved, which adds a uniquely personal touch which is unavailable with other forms of marketing due to cost limitations.

The future of SMS marketing has only just begun in the UK. As more and more people start to own smartphones, the potential for this speedy, responsive, measurable and green method of communication cannot be ignored. If you’re not already using SMS to communicate with your audience, you should be asking yourself why not.