Video Streaming Can Prevent Your Videos From Being Pirated

The first thing that online content producers need to understand is that although there are ways to minimize piracy of video content, there is no way to completely prevent this type of theft from taking place. In fact, if the content can be viewed online, there is a potential for it to be stolen. However, there are steps that you can take to make piracy more difficult. You can also minimize the number of times the video can be illegally viewed and taken.

The options you can take to prevent online video piracy will be dependent on the method you use to present the video to online viewers.

Streaming Video Files

If you prefer to stream your videos online, you will need to use a Smart phone with multimedia gallery. Internet and TV streaming compositionstreaming server. This will offer you an increase chance of protecting your video. The main advantage to using streaming services is that the video is not actually downloaded to the computer of the user. Instead, the video is a real live stream and there is no file on the computer.

Streaming videos are a major deterrent for the average hacker. They will become frustrated and stop. Only those who are determined will continue to try to access the video illegally.

The typical way thieves use to pirate streaming videos is by using a video streaming capturing tool. This is a type of application to capture a stream of video and later save the stream as a file. Unfortunately, this type of piracy is very difficult for video up loader to protect their content against. There are some defences such as denying access to a capturing utility; ultimately this technique does not a lot of defence.

A video pirate who has the technical knowledge and determination to use a video screen capturing utility will probably do what it takes to illegally take your video if that is what they want to do.

Download Files

Another method that you can use to reduce the chances of your video becoming pirated is to use a Windows Media or QuickTime in order to play a video file through the process of progressive download. Unfortunately, this method does not provide a lot of protection for your online video content. The only thing that a video content pirate will need to do is locate the HTML code so they can find the location of the file and access the video.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do to make the process more challenging for thieves to steal your content. One way is to make the JavaScript code more difficult to find. You can split the code in several locations, or use reference variables from other JavaScript code on the site.

The second option is to use Flash video. As a result, a SWF file will be created. The location of the video can be hidden in the SWF file.

As long as individuals continue to produce and upload video content online, there will always be those who are looking to pirate the videos. Streaming videos online offers a level of protection for your video content.