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Why Aren’t You Using SMS Marketing?

Over the past ten years we've seen a revolution in the way we communicate with each other which has changed social, personal and business interaction in the same way that the invention of the wheel transformed transport. This all relates to the mobile phone. In the UK alone, there are now more mobile phones than people and as of December 2013 there were over 75,000,000 mobiles in the UK for the population of 61,612,300. The mobile phone is becoming so ubiquitous that its estimated that nearly 95% of the population has one. Of these people, almost half regularly access the internet from their smartphone or tablet and the number of SMS messages sent per person per month is just over 200.

SMS Marketing, A Truly Modern Strategy

In order to be competitive in the marketplace, businesses need to think in a more creative way making use of all the modern tools available in order for their brand to remain at the forefront of their customer's minds. It simply is  not enough to complete the usual things – like print media and phonebook advertising – and still expect to obtain the same results that would've been achieved twenty years ago. The world has moved on, the business climate has changed and how people search for companies to work with has evolved. The most important difference is that there are simply more choices open to consumers now than there have been before.

This Is Why You Need To Consider SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is often an underused element of digital marketing. This is could be because businesses fear getting it wrong as well as being perceived as a service that bothers its customers. While this is a danger of poorly-run text messaging advertising campaigns, the relative absence of competitors suggests that well structured campaigns have more opportunities to work well. What's more, far from bothering and frustrating customers, SMS tactics that are correctly executed can really enhance customer service and give consumers a much better experience with your company. http://youtu.be/1u3JRL2Xf6I Among the best methods to improve customer care through the use of SMS is to employ this messaging system for updates and notices.