Security Guard Companies – How To Choose The Right One

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The saying goes: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”.

And, with regard to security, this definitely rings true.

Whether you need a security guard company to help with a particular event, for a retail store, a construction site, for business premises, a factory, or for some other reason, you need to select a company you’re able to trust. But, when it comes to security guard companies, how do you choose the right one?

The security guard company you choose should be in a position to provide an immediate response from their monitoring control centre. The centre must function on a 24/7 basis.

Immediate response needs to be in tandem with the appropriate type of security, the right licenses, and the applicable health and safety accreditations. Further, your choice must come with internal training procedures that are effective and have good flexibility to fit in with your security requirements.

What else is important when looking for a security guard company? Let’s find out now.

Security Guard Training

While any security guard company is able to conduct personnel training, it needs to be effective. And to further ensure that it is, the security company must have a documented training matrix in place along with frequent refresher training programs – typically on a six-month ongoing basis.

With a training matrix, all staff are trained to a high standard, staff performance is closely monitored, and when extra training is required it is quickly highlighted.

It is the direct responsibility of management to guarantee that training is completely up to date in accordance with U.K. legislation – legislation that undergoes regular changes.

So as to be compliant with all health and safety legislation pertaining to security, the company ought to rely on a quality management system (QMS) which is fully automated and provides the management with daily alerts.

24/7 Enabled Security Control Centre

When assessing security guard companies, a priority is to find one that operates using a control centre and employs response officers that are in-house.

Security measures that are installed are merely as effective as the security control centre charged with the responsibility of watching over them.

When the security guard company operates its own 24/7 control centre any perimeter-located security beam alerts can be instantaneously followed up with the on-site PIR (passive infrared) cameras. In turn, this permits first-response security units to be immediately dispatched and rapid police notification.

In spite of the initially high operating costs, with this type of system in place, the huge reduction in bogus callouts provides clients with added peace of mind and lower costs overall.

An Array Of Security Options

Adaptability and flexibility are, likewise, key considerations when assessing security guard companies.

Choosing a security guard company that is able to support current as well as future plans encourages a long-lasting working relationship.

Most security guard companies are able to provide manned guarding or CCTV but alternative security measures may be called for at a future date.

Having a single port of call for a multitude of services helps to ensure there will be no failure in the chain of security communications.

SIA Licensing

The private security industry in the U.K. is regulated. Compliance is ensured by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

If you want to hire a security guard company the outfit you choose must be SIA compliant. Otherwise if a company does deploy its security guards while not holding an SIA licence, as per U.K. law, that company is operating illegally.

Security Company Accreditations

SIA Licensing being fundamental, consumers should then look for other accreditations held by the security guard company.

With accreditations, external validation is provided – validation that the security guard company is indeed operational in an ethical, efficient, and progressive manner.

Nevertheless, U.K. accreditations for security guard companies are completely voluntary. They do, however, demonstrate the desire of the company to go that extra mile in providing a high-level service to their customers.

Industry Specialisation

Security guard companies come in different shapes and sizes: Each has its own industry specialisations. As such, you need to find one that comes with experience in dealing with your industry-unique challenges.

Some examples of this include:

• A business that is located in a public area, for instance, a school, must ensure that adequate measures are taken to avoid CCTV recordings of adjacent buildings.

• For a construction company, a close relationship with the security guard company is called for to ensure that out-of-hours work can be conducted while vandalism and/ or theft is still prevented.

• In the defense industry, the implementation of closed-loop systems will help to prevent cyber attacks.


Security guard companies come in all shapes and sizes and it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all scenario. To find the best security guard company for your unique requirements, you must be fully aware of what it is you need. One company that does meet all the requirements is Caple Security Services Herefordshire