How To Enhance Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing campaigns are considered an effective and powerful tool in the marketing industry. But just like any other marketing strategies, this kind of campaign has its own share of complications. So, in an attempt to somehow make up for these inevitable complications, the marketing industry has learned to take advantage of SMS being sent online and make the most out of it. Experts in the field are convinced that the effectiveness of mobile marketing is tripled when online SMS is incorporated. Marketing firms can now optimize their mobile marketing campaigns through sending short message services (SMS) using the online platform.

You too can do just that. If you are a mobile marketer who considers sending SMS online to boost your mobile marketing campaigns, here are some pointers that will really help.







1. Know Your Market. In handling a mobile marketing campaign, it is very important that you know who and what your audience is before sending them any marketing messages. Look at their profiles, understand their mobile usage and provide them with engaging content that will suit them and that will encourage them to buy from you.

2. Plan Your Timing. Since connecting with your clients by sending SMS can be a very intimate strategy, you have to be sure that you allocate enough time to your campaign. Also, no one wants to be disturbed when it’s late or very early, so you have to have perfect timing in sending messages.

3. Manage Your Data. Focus on improving your data, keep it fresh and updated, segment it, and manage it well. Also, avoid the common ‘one-size-fits-all’ or spammy messages. Further, make sure that you save old data, because even if it’s ‘old data,’ it is still data that can be used in the future.

Why Consider Using SMS As Part Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

SMS is becoming an effective marketing strategy as it targets customers directly. The following are benefits of using SMS that can improve your mobile marketing technique.

1. SMS Is Direct And Personal

SMS is an immediate channel. With a read percentage of around 97, you can be sure that your customers will immediately read your messages within just 15 minutes of receiving them.

sending-sms-xs2. SMS Allows Short Codes

You and your customers can simplify response using short codes or keywords, while simultaneously building database.

3. SMS Is Friendly

This means that SMS sent online can connect, integrate and support other mediums. Different marketing channels, when combined well together, can add to the success of your mobile marketing campaigns. In addition, although SMS can definitely work well alone, its power is doubled when integrated with other marketing channels such as email and social media networks.

Some mobile marketers may think that SMS is quite intrusive, but many clients nowadays are already used to and familiar with this kind of marketing technique. They almost always consider the texts, especially if they know that they come from their trusted shops or service providers. So SMS will always have a place in the marketing mix.


The competitions among small business is high. To compete effectively, business owners need to be ready to give marketing all it takes. And really, no matter how outstanding the product of a particular business is, without getting it to the views of the target customer, the business will hardly make any profit. As indicated above, marketing is a core part of any business operation. It can make the difference between a blooming business as well as struggling business.

There are various forms of marketing available to businesses today. With the advent and advances in technology, the forms of marketing have also evolved over the years. Thus, identifying the best form of marketing that suits your business is important for success.

We have identified some effective marketing strategies that small business owners could embrace.

1. Directory Marketing

It is no news that online marketing is becoming more effective by the day. A part of this is directory marketing. I will be using Yelp as an example to make my point on directory marketing. Yelp is a database of information where citizens of various part of the country can search for whatever business they desire. They could also get ample information about whatever business or service they are after. The directory site also provides opportunity for users to read other user’s review on their experience with a certain firm. Having a strong presence on Yelp can be a feather to the cap of your business. Business owners could boost their marketing strategies through a strong presence on online directory like yelp.

2. Fax Marketing

One of the oldest, yet effective means of marketing is fax marketing. It is a very effective form of marketing because it could easily be targeted. And do not think of fax as that ancient machine that just consumes space. Technology has evolved such that the modern fax machine works with the email system. One version of the remodeling of faxing system is Payfax. Fax is very effective if the desire is to target a specific set of people. This will give business owners the opportunity to send personalized message to individuals and imagine how individuals will feel on having a direct message from the business owner. Note that a well-placed and timed personalized fax has the power to impress people and make them feel regarded as an individual just than any faceless consumer. This is one of the advantages of fax over other form of marketing.

3. SMS Marketing

Although still up for debate, many people believe that SMS marketing is the next best idea in digital marketing. SMS marketing offers ridiculously high open rates, quick responses, and robust customer feedback. However, understanding the rules to follow and being mindful of customer’s needs is important for a successful SMS marketing. However, if done well, SMS marketing can be a powerful component of your digital marketing strategy.


4. Content marketing

One of the most effective way to go about content marketing is by starting a blog. It is a great way to build up a community of people genuinely interested in what your business offers. A blog serves as a platform to share your success with your audience as well as your struggle. Besides, you should aim at providing relevant information about the class of business you are for your customers.

Do not let marketing be the driving force for your blog. Try and offer people genuine information relating to the line of business you are in. This way, your audience will have a sense of belonging compared to trying to market to them every now and then. There are quite a number of free blog services you could subscribe to for a start.

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