How To Create A Landing Page That Converts Visitors To Customers

Website design often focuses on the home page and for those companies that are planning on making use of internet marketing, having unique landing pages is going to be important. When they click on a link or advert, a landing page is a particular page on the website where visitors are directed. It should be designed for a particular marketing result, for example to offer a certain product that you wish to promote from your variety.





An efficient landing page will have the ability to meet whatever goals you define, whether it is selling, gathering information or simply getting visitors to sign up for your newsletter. So it is essential to provide visitors what they want and show them exactly what they are expecting to see. Numerous visitors will not convert nevertheless so giving them a good experience may encourage them to review your site at a later date. When developing a landing page, consider how you need the page to work. You might have the page take the visitor to a micro website that can offer the visitor further details. It could be a page that has actually been developed for a specific marketing campaign and has few navigation buttons and is made use of purely to either offer something or to gather info for future marketing purposes. A third option is to have a landing page that integrates with the primary site and is consistent with the structure, format and navigation of the website. Let’s take a look at these choices in a little bit more detail.


A micro site usually has a few web pages that can be made use of for a variety of purposes. Oftentimes a micro site will be designed to capture leads. This is done by providing rich content to visitors and supplying them with comprehensive information concerning your products or services. Utilizing this technique is also beneficial for SEO functions due to the content rich pages which the internet search engine take notice of. The micro site will normally have its own domain which will be slightly various to that of your primary site. Making use of one of these for a short term branding project can make it much easier than contributing to or changing the primary website.


A landing page that is utilized for specific marketing projects typically looks like a scaled down variation of a page from the main website. It will typically have fewer navigation buttons and will focus on visitor conversions. This type of page is not content rich but provides its own impact by focusing on the products you are aiming to offer.


landing page optimization concept illustrationIntegrated landing pages are, in regards to effort and performance, less time consuming and much easier to produce and include to the main website. You should optimise your landing pages just as you would any other pages on your website. Make sure that your call to action is obvious so that you can convert a browsing visitor into a customer.


Whatever the function of your landing pages, they all have the main thing in common, visitor conversion. In order to do this the page must get their attention and bear in mind, you only have 5 – 10 seconds to do this. It does not suggest that the page should be tasteless, yes, it has to be interest getting hold of however it should likewise be easy to understand, attractive to look at and be simple to act upon the call to action. It must be able to be viewed on all the popular platforms so that your site can be accessed from a variety of devices. Landing pages must not be overlooked as they are key for attracting and transforming visitors. How are your landing pages looking?