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Why OS Maps Are Preferred When Planning Applications


This means you can add this reference to your database without any problem. In addition, these maps are built on layers, so you can choose whether to display all of them, only the post codes or the transport routes. Since mobile users have a very limited screen to show real estate, it may be better to keep things as simple as possible, and show them only the most relevant information that would enable them to use your app. OS maps are perfect for most types of applications because they allow postcode search. This is something very few map producers can offer, being therefore one of the strongest assets of OS maps, and one of the main reasons why developers prefer them.

Testing Planning Application Map Apps Is Essential

Application maps aren't too difficult to plan. Experienced developers know very well what to do in order to offer their users a seamless experience. However, beginners may have a difficult time in figuring out all details they have to consider before integrating a map into an application. This article provides an outline of the process of planning application maps to help you get started with your work.       First of all, you need to know where you want your map to be centred. You may want the user to see his own location when he opens the map.